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Sosie Designs Silver Hoop Earrings 35mm

Sosie Designs Silver Hoop Earrings 35mm

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This sterling silver endless earring hoops earring in 35 mm size is always in style! Size: 35 mm Round .925 Sterling Weight: 0.48 oz (13.61 g)To open the hoops, carefully pulling apart

Endless hoops may be difficult to latch for some people because they are put on differently than other hoop styles. Endless hoops have a seamless look, which makes them so beautiful! They are not a hinged post and have a curved arched post that needs to be gently moved to the side to make a gap to put them in your ear piercing and then pushed back into the end of the tube to close. Care instructions: Precious metal jewelry should not be worn in the shower, pool, or the ocean. It can damage the metal.
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