Squasht Boutique's bittersweet birthday: I wanted a party, and all I got was a lousy pandemic.

Squasht Boutique's bittersweet birthday: I wanted a party, and all I got was a lousy pandemic.

❤️The silver lining is that we still love each other. ❤️

If you know me, you know I really wanted a party for my store’s ten year anniversary! Dude, it was gonna be epic. Melissa from Jo Snow was all set to make us custom 10-year anniversary cocktails combining my favorite flavors, cardamom & ginger. I'm imagining the Jo Snow bar cart, with Melissa all decked out in Squasht, serving up the tastiest & most well-garnished concoctions, and bringing her fun vibes and positivity to the room. I'd be gushing about how she always does our "beverage program" because I love saying dumb stuff like that. In my party-dream, I’d be giddy. OK, fine, I'd be buzzed. I mean it is Squasht’s TEN YEAR BIRTHDAY PARTY after all, right?! 

My fave team would be here helping. As per tradition, Anna would be on the register, with Ellen, Candice, and Zia on the sales floor. My job post that night would be “floating,” a term I made up to make myself feel absolutely fine about getting “tipsy” while “working”. 

Tons of friends and customers would show up to grab a cocktail, show their support, and enthusiastically buy things. Too many to name here, but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. You are the reason we are in business, so it would be a big love fest all around. You love our selection, our store, and our parties, and we love you. Symbiosis.

Drinks and discounts would be flowing and we’d play some corny, terribly executed games involving lots of giveaways. Rules of the games would be confusing as hell, but nobody would care. Excessive excitement and screaming would happen every time someone won something. Things would get spilled and broken. A disproportionate amount of dogs would show up. They always do. Obviously, dogs love a good Squasht party. At my fantasy 10 year party, everyone is laughing and petting dogs.

Instead of a party with cute dogs, custom cocktails, games & prizes, we got... a pandemic. Surprise! Opposite day! What can we do? There are worse things that could happen and worse things are happening. I won’t go on and on here about how much this pandemic is affecting all of us, we all know that by now, yadda yadda. 

So in lieu of an in-person party, we are going ONLINE for the weekend with our discounts and giveaways. Grab a cocktail or a cuppa or a snack. It doesn’t matter, you’re at home. You don’t even need to wear pants. 

Shop online to save 10% all weekend storewide! And, if you spend $110 we will toss in a free Squasht exclusive 10-Year Anniversary candle in collaboration with Edgewater Candles! 

Thanks for your support, we wouldn’t be here without you. The upside of this story is that you still love us and we still love you. We all support each other and want each other to succeed. Happy birthday to us. Xo-Squasht. 


P.S. We have upcoming plans for more virtual celebrations in the near future, too, so we will keep you posted on those. 

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