SAVE LOCAL BUSINESSES: A Project by Cusic Photography

Our own Lesley Timpe was honored to be featured in Cusic Photo's Small Businesses series. Check out the story from Candice Cusic below:


I started Save Local Businesses: West Town because our doors are closed, but you can still help us.⁠

With the help of the West Town Chamber of Commerce, my goal for this project is to photograph (from a distance) local business owners, share their stories and provide the face behind their closed doors and dark windows.⁠

We are doing this to showcase the effect the pandemic has on local businesses. This allows you to share with others what can be done to support/save small business.⁠

"We have been on Chicago Ave for 10 years now! We love supporting handmade, independent and local designers. We carry unique handmade clothing and jewelry from a wide variety of artists and designers. My boutique is kind of like my baby. I don't have children, so I have to take care of Squasht and nurture it so it will grow. It's sort of my everything. It's my world. And we were planning to celebrate our 10-year anniversary on May 28. ⁠

What’s happening is horrible. It's the worst thing that's ever happened. It's been crazy trying to pivot from having a store to going online only.⁠

What scares me is the uncertainty of the situation. Not knowing what kind of toll this is going to take on our country, lifestyle, and health of loved ones. Not knowing how bad it can get is scary.⁠

My business, my boyfriend Matt, along with yoga food and family, make me happy. My customers have become such good friends and are stepping up and even sending a text to check in; I definitely feel like a part of the community and people love what we're doing. That makes me happy."⁠ has gift certificates available! ⁠

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