It's Fashion Revolution Week!

It's Fashion Revolution Week!

In these stressful times, thinking about how your clothes are made may not seem very important. But the truth is that COVID-19 is having an extreme impact on millions of workers throughout the entire fashion production industry and supply chain. 

Fashion Revolution is a movement that campaigns for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. Each year, Fashion Revolution Week takes place in April to remind people to think about where their clothes come from, and what they can do to help.

Hi I'm Lesley, owner and designer of Squasht brand clothing and Squasht Boutique. While helping to promote the global movement, we're also making sure to take care of our own team. We have always paid a fair wage, and we've worked with the same seamstresses for the past 14+ years! We are a tight-knit team dedicated to our small business, lovingly creating all of our Squasht brand garments right here in Chicago.

This is Gloria, our head seamstress who handles most of the production of Squasht brand clothing. During this crisis we are dedicated to making sure our team stays afloat as best as we can, given our limited resources due to our store being temporarily closed. This means continuing to pay our team while making clothing in a socially distanced setting, and in smaller quantities.

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Here is a great article with more information on how you can support workers around the world during this time: The impact of COVID-19 on the people who make our clothes.

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