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Once upon a time, there was a pesky green wall toward the back of Squasht Boutique. It was attached to an archway that, at one time, had encased two French doors. Behind that wall there was a back room that just yearned to be part of the boutique. Lesley would gaze upon that wall & archway, and imagine them gone. How much more spacious the store would be… if it could just be opened up! Perhaps she had been watching too much HGTV, but “open floor-plan” was on her mind.

On Feb 5, 2018, Lesley’s vision became a reality. A demo crew came in and did away with the offending wall & archway. A wonderful new wall was built, but further back. The space opened up quite beautifully. The new back wall and soffit were painted deep cobalt blue, and stenciled with a gold metallic rain design. There was now enough square-footage to add a comfy lounge area to the back of the shop. The fitting rooms were rearranged, expanded, and remodeled.

Immediately, the newly transformed shop was filled up with lots of fresh Spring arrivals, like brand new dresses, separates, jewelry and accessories. A party was planned, and everyone loved the new look.

In the end, Squasht Boutique lived happily ever after, with more space, more designer merchandise, more parties & events, more fashion and more fun. Bigger, better, and bluer. The end.

Store Expansion Party

Thursday, March 15th from 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Stop in for a drink & try on our new Spring styles! Complimentary cocktails will be served.
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